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If you can´t beat them, join them.


Oil on canvas 36″ x 24″

Art commission – Matthew Cornelison.

How much can we say without really saying anything?

A lot.

Ring Ring!

Alo, Presidente? I could not resist.



Oil on canvas – 20 x 16″

I was a ballerina as a little girl. I had the honor of being part of Danzas de Venezuela, an academy run by the famous folklore dancer Yolanda Moreno.

Ah, those days were fun. My parents took me out of the academy because an instructor commented that I was a little chubby.

I wasn’t.


Oil on canvas – 20 x 16″

Jose Orlando Moreno Guillen, my dad.

He’s my example of success. He pretty much rocks!

I will finally see him in a few months :o)

Don’t get yourself stuck inside the box.



I started this piece about two years ago and completely forgot about it. Yesterday while cleaning my room I saw it and decided to finish it. This is my first painting ever and although it may not be too impressive, it means a lot. It brings a series of unfortunate events which occurred a few years ago; memories that will always live in me.

I thought that by using bright colors I could remember the good parts.

But we can’t hide the truth.

This is Pierre. A friend I’ve known since 7th grade.

Not long ago we found each other through the wonders of the internet. Somehow we became good online buddies, but have never reunited since 8th grade. It has been about 10 years, WHOA!

Anyway, this is an illustration he asked me to do, which I think he meant to print on his skateboard. I don’t know.

He sends me “hellos” with funny smoke signals.

Art: From original photo to illustration using Illustrator and Photoshop. Bling!

Inspired by the worst movie I have ever seen in my life: The Ruins.

Maybe the veins should have been green.

Resources: anatomy books.

Self given homework: try to memorize all the muscles in your face.

Also, if I could have any superpower it would be to make my skin invisible. This does no good for humanity, but it’d be pretty awesome. Like that girl character from The Venture Brothers.

Double Damn it!

My dog. Toy Pooddle.

He loves people, hates dogs.

Maybe he thinks he is a human.