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So for a while now I have been wanting to play with 3D modeling and textures. It has been a while that I don’t do stuff like this and I had forgotten how much fun it actually is. Well, I had also forgotten how to work Maya, but I am back on track – almost. One thing I have learned is that we are never really done when doing projects like these. There is always “something” else we can do or add but there comes a point when I must say: “Okay, It´s done!” and move on. Thanks guys who answered my forum question hahaha…I was really stuck on those lights.

Okay…moving on to the next project



One of my favorite horros movies…

This is Pierre. A friend I’ve known since 7th grade.

Not long ago we found each other through the wonders of the internet. Somehow we became good online buddies, but have never reunited since 8th grade. It has been about 10 years, WHOA!

Anyway, this is an illustration he asked me to do, which I think he meant to print on his skateboard. I don’t know.

He sends me “hellos” with funny smoke signals.

Art: From original photo to illustration using Illustrator and Photoshop. Bling!