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So for a while now I have been wanting to play with 3D modeling and textures. It has been a while that I don’t do stuff like this and I had forgotten how much fun it actually is. Well, I had also forgotten how to work Maya, but I am back on track – almost. One thing I have learned is that we are never really done when doing projects like these. There is always “something” else we can do or add but there comes a point when I must say: “Okay, It´s done!” and move on. Thanks guys who answered my forum question hahaha…I was really stuck on those lights.

Okay…moving on to the next project


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  1. Maurin, you have a knack for ‘atmosphere’. Your work is incredible. I’m still hoping you will send a copy of your alley location–one of your early works–to me. I want to frame and exhibit it–just needs your signature! In the meantime, can’t wait for your next project. SPOOKY!

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